Main St Extension Project Archive

April 2021

The project team held two public meetings (April 6 & 7) for the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension. If you missed those meetings, you can catch up by watching online here or check out the presentation that was shared during both of those meetings.


During these meetings, the public was introduced to a dynamic and interactive map of the entire Main Street Extension.  This map displays the 60% designs for this project and includes information about streetcar stop locations, streetcar track locations, traffic signal locations, mobility lanes, potential green infrastructure opportunities, regional transit connections, curb cut and driveway locations, on-street parking, off-street parking, and so much more.


Visit the map at or by click here.


November 2020

On November 20, 2020, the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension project team held its quarterly Advisory Committee Meeting with community stakeholders. This group of individuals represent the stakeholders along the Main Street corridor and include small businesses, residents, students, educational institutions, art organizations, commercial & retail entities, and community advocates.  They are the stakeholders that help to inform this project to make it the KC Streetcar service built by, and for, the community.


August 2020

May 2020

Click here for the latest on the Main Street Extension

Click here for the official notice from the FTA  to enter the New Starts Engineering phase of the FTA Capital Investment Grants (CIG) program.




April 2020


Click here for information about the latest Main Street Extension update. 

September 2019 Update:

 Related & Helpful Documentation:

February 2019

The KC Streetcar Main Street Extension project team held a public meeting on Thursday, February 21, 2019, from 4:30 – 6:30pm at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

If you missed the February 2019 public meeting, click here for the plot map of the entire Main Street Extension.

September 11, 2018

The KC Streetcar project team recently applied for federal funding for the Main Street Extension to University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), marking a crucial step in moving the street extension project towards construction.


Late last week, the KC Streetcar project team, consisting of the KC Streetcar Authority (KCSA), the KC Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), and the City of Kansas City, MO (KCMO), submitted the formal application to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for the New Starts Capital Investment Grants Program, seeking $151 million dollars in federal funding and inclusion in the federal 2020-year budget to support the estimated $316 million-dollar project.

The New Starts grant program funds transit capital investments including heavy rail, commuter rail, light rail, streetcars and bus rapid transit systems. Both federal and local funding are needed to move this project into design and construction. Local funding was approved by the voters in the establishment of the Main Street Rail Transportation Development District (TDD).

Read more about the CIG New Starts federal funding process here.   Click the below links to review sections of the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension to UMKC New Starts Grant Application:


August 20, 2018

The KC Streetcar project team, consisting of the KC Streetcar Authority (KCSA), the KC Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), the City of Kansas City, MO (KCMO), and the consultant team led by HDR, Inc., has continued to advance the project planning for the Main Street Extension to UMKC, including work to refine streetcar stop locations, track alignments, and coordinated transit connections.   Based on the technical analyses, public feedback, and detailed evaluation of the merits of each lane placement, or track alignment (outside-running vs. center-running), the project team will be advancing the outside-running alternative into the next phase of detailed project design.   More information about the process can be found here.   Click here for the full KC Streetcar Main Street Extension Track Alignment Analysis.

June 6, 2018

The KC Streetcar project team held the second public meeting for the Main Street Extension to UMKC on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Midtown.  The materials presented are below:

  1. Purpose & Need
  2. Benefits of the Downtown KC Streetcar
  3. Project Goals
  4. Project Lifecycle
  5. Transit Connections & Modifications
  6. Station Stop Locations
  7. Data-Driven Process Explained
  8. *Best-Lane Matrix: Center Running & Outside Running Characteristics
  9. *Track Alignment: Outside Running Alternative
  10. *Track Alignment: Center Running Alternative
*=New information provided at Public Meeting



Why are we planning to extend the KC Streetcar line south towards UMKC?

The KC Streetcar Main Street Extension project is being planned through a data driven process through a partnership of the KCSA, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and the City of Kansas City, Missouri. In order to build the best streetcar extension for Kansas City, we need to be mindful of the following:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Cost
  • Constructability
  • Public Input

The Purpose and Need of the Main Street Extension is:

  • To improve mobility choices & accessibility
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing and future transit service
  • Support the development of underutilizes/vacant property, and support existing residential & commercial activity
  • Increase density and promote a broader mix of building uses
  • Be an efficient, reliable and safe transit service


The KC Streetcar Authority (KCSA), in coordination with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), selected the team led by HDR to conduct a KC Streetcar Main Street Extension study to assess multi- modal transportation needs.  The KC Streetcar Southern Extension Technical Services will build upon the downtown streetcar service and will support work required to further develop and advance the southern extension towards the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC).   In addition to HDR serving as the project lead, the team consists of members from Burns & McDonnell, HNTB, Trekk Design Group, Hg Consult, Parson + Associates, VSM Engineering and Architectural & Historical Research.   The Main Street Extension study will focus on following: −    Data collection (utilities, current conditions, etc.) −    Refining alignment details (curb-running / center-running) −    Station stop locations and terminus configuration −    Plan for coordinated regional transit service integration and improvement −    Updated cost estimates −    Initiation of federal funding process   The KCSA has developed a coordinated project development process with key project partners such as the City of Kansas City, Missouri; the KC Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) and the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC). This approach is inclusive of key project stakeholders in Kansas City and on the proposed route such as property owners, residents, neighborhood groups, community organizations, etc.


The Main Street extension proposal advances implementation of the strongest streetcar expansion corridor & long-standing regional transit vision as indicated in Kansas City Region’s Long-Range Transit Vision, “Smart Moves.”  This extension proposal also builds on the success of the downtown streetcar starter-line, while further strengthening that route and extending benefits to a larger population and job centers.     Additional information about the Main Street Streetcar Extension can be found on the KC Regional Transit Alliance website.

Main Street Streetcar Extension Fact Sheet:

A fact sheet about the proposed Transportation Development District (TDD) that will extend the KC Streetcar to UMKC and help fund the operations and maintenance of the KC Streetcar, can be found here: Main Street Streetcar Extension.

Recent Ruling:

On September 28, 2016, the Jackson County Court ruled that the Main Street Extension TDD election is legal and can proceed forward in 2017. Read the full decision here. Next Main Street Extension TDD Election os Saturday, October 7, 2017.     KC Streetcar Southern Extension TDD map: