When heading downtown, most motorists and visitors ask, “Once down there, where can I park?”


There are approximately 12,486 publicly accessible off-street parking spaces within one block of the streetcar route. This does not include the large supply of on-street parking in areas on the downtown streetcar route and adjacent streets.


During the weekends, there is FREE parking at the 7th & Main parking lots adjacent to the North Loop streetcar stops at 601 Main and 711 Main St. These three lots include signage for easy identification and provide at least 150 FREE parking spaces.  Anyone traveling downtown during the weekends can utilize these lots.


Here’s a map of parking availability along, and adjacent to, the downtown streetcar route.

Here is a map of all downtown parking availability. 

Here is a map of all River Market parking availability.



Parking along the streetcar route is also allowed but vehicles must park within the painted white lines along the route. This means that every portion of the vehicle, including the side mirrors, must be inside the painted white lines. This is to ensure that the streetcar has clearance to run along the tracks without any interference. Since a streetcar cannot swerve, it cannot move out of the way of parked vehicles. Vehicles should also never park on the streetcar tracks.


Read more about parking along the streetcar route and the rules to follow.


The Parking Enforcement with KCPD will ticket, fine and possibly tow vehicles that are improperly parked on a streetcar route, including those that park on the tracks.


There’s more information about parking and City Ordinance that supports these rules, here.

Back-In Angle Parking

Heading to the River Market on a Saturday morning or for some delicious cuisine on a Friday night along Delaware Street?  Learn how to Back-in Angle park on Delaware Street between 3rd and 5th Streets.