Photo/Film/Video Guidelines



Filming and photoshoots are permitted on board the KC Streetcar and at KC Streetcar designated stops; however, please contact the KC Streetcar’s Communications Director to discuss your particular needs as restrictions may apply.


To begin your request, please contact the KC Film Office regarding the various permissions and permits needed to perform location shoots.  You may also fill out and submit the below form to make sure the work can be accommodated in compliance with the KC Streetcar’s regulations and safety requirements.  If a Track Access Permit is needed, please apply for it at least one week prior to filming/shooting.



Click here for the Photo, Film and Video Request Form.


For questions or more information contact:

Donna Mandelbaum, Communications Director

816-627-2526 |



  • Equipment (photography, film, video or otherwise) is never allowed to be set up on the streetcar tracks.
  • Those involved in a photography shoot or filming (talent, producers, directors, etc, any personnel) are never allowed to stand on the streetcar tracks or set up on or between the streetcar tracks at anytime.
  • Those involved in a photography shoot or filming (talent, producers, directors, etc, any personnel) should never interfere with the operations of a streetcar nor distract the streetcar operator.
  • No commercial photography without prior authorization and consent from the KC Streetcar Authority.
  • Hand held equipment only, no tripods are permitted unless permission is granted.
  • Photography must not interfere with passenger safety or streetcar movement at any time.
  • The KC Streetcar and its employees or agents, may not be shown in a disparaging manner in the production. Nudity is not allowed.
  • KC Streetcar staff (contractors included) will not be used in the production, if KC Streetcar staff are included in the final version incidentally, the production must obtain releases from said employees prior to release.
  • The production will be solely responsible for obtaining all required releases and consents for the reproduction or use of any signs, displays, trademarks, service marks, trade names, artwork, posters, wall hangings or any other intellectual property recorded by or appearing in the production.
  • The KC Streetcar Authority owns trademark rights to its logo. Permission for use can be granted as part of a contract, any other use of the KC Streetcar or Ride KC Streetcar logo requires the KC Streetcar Authority’s approval and written consent.
  • The KC Streetcar Authority requests a copy of the completed project to maintain on file for marketing purposes.
  • Production company/filmmaker/photographer hereby releases any and all claims against the KC Streetcar Authority arising from injury to Production company/filmmaker/photographers personnel or equipment.
  • Location of the production must be signed so that members of the public are aware of the activity.