Exclusive Transit Lanes Study

The KC Streetcar Main Street Extension is a 3.5-mile extension between Union Station at Pershing Rd. and Main St., and UMKC at 51st & Brookside Blvd. Most of the extension is “curb” running with the streetcar on the outside lane.  Currently, 22% of the extension is already designed for some level of transit exclusivity.


In late summer 2023, KCMO City Council (Council resolution 230625) directed the Main Street Extension project team to investigate additional opportunities for exclusive transit lanes.


Exclusive Transit Lanes have multiple benefits such as:

  • Improves efficiency and reliability of generational transit investment (for both streetcar and bus)
  • Pushes automobile traffic off the curb and improves the pedestrian environment in the corridor
  • Slows vehicular speeds and improves corridor safety
  • Recommendations maintain access to driveways, businesses, and left-turns
  • No modifications to parking in the planned design

Click here for a complete roll plot map of the Main Street Extension and potential exclusive transit lane locations.


Click here for the Dec. 14, 2023 City Council Business Session Presentation