Rider Surveys

2022 KC Streetcar Rider Satisfaction Survey


In Spring 2022, the KC Streetcar Authority conducted an on-board customer (passenger) satisfaction survey with ETC Institute. A statistically significant sample of 722 surveys were completed and available in print and digital, and in English and Spanish.





Click here for 2022 KC Streetcar Rider Satisfaction Survey Findings.



2019 KC Streetcar Ridership Survey


In the fall of 2019, the KC Streetcar Authority, along with ETC, conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The primary objective of the survey was to collect and analyze customer opinions regarding all aspects of service. The information collected is intended to serve multiple objectives, including overall satisfaction with KC Streetcar services and who, how, and why riders are using those services.


The 2019 KC Streetcar Onboard Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted during September 2019. The survey was administered on-board KC Streetcar service on both weekdays and weekends. More than 340 weekday riders and 375 weekend riders completed the survey. The results for the random sample of 722 KC Streetcar customers have a 95 percent level of confidence with a precision margin of error (MOE) of at least +/-3.5 percent (weekday +/- 5.5 percent; weekend +/- 5.5 percent).


Click here for the full 2019 KC Streetcar Customer Satisfaction Survey.

2017 Ridership Survey


In Fall 2017, the KC Streetcar team conducted a ridership survey. Read more about the results here.     The full 2017 KC Streetcar and Main Street MAX On-Board Survey Methodology. 2017 KC Streetcar and Main Street MAX On-Board Survey Methodology Report.