Ride KC


Downtown Transit System

The Downtown KC Streetcar starter line has been envisioned as a beginning to the development of a comprehensive streetcar system for the Kansas City Region. The KC Streetcar runs through the heart of downtown and connects to Ride KC buses at either end of the route and at the 10th & Main Transit Center.


The Downtown KC Streetcar starter line is the first step in a longer-range plan to create a regional, integrated transit system to uniquely connect the Greater Kansas City area like never before. Progressive regions with streetcar systems have seen significant economic growth and the Downtown KC Streetcar starter line is a step in effort to realize an even more vibrant, vital and livable urban center. Streetcar systems attract new residents, businesses and workforce and provide an improved and more efficient travel option. It is envisioned that the downtown KC Streetcar starter line will bring new investment and increased property values to downtown along with an increased economic impact during construction and after.

Ride KC

One KC. One Transit System.

The vision of Ride KC is a seamless, efficient transit system that is easy to use no matter where you live, taking you where you need to go.

These projects span the region and will improve the quality of life for citizens throughout KC. Learn more at RideKC.org.