Riverfront Extension

Interested in bid opportunities?


The Riverfront Extension project team will be issuing construction bid opportunities in early 2023 in advance of groundbreaking on the northern extension of the KC Streetcar. Get a jump start and check out the various work opportunities below.  An official notice will be sent when bid opportunities are issued.

These are just information plans and not the official bid documents.

Public Outreach

On December 8, 2022, the project team held a public meeting for the KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension & Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge project. If you missed the meeting, click the links before for more information.

The KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension project will extend the mobility and economic development benefits of the Kansas City Streetcar to a long-dormant area near downtown – catalyzing economic development and job creation.


Click here for the latest KC Streetcar Route Map which includes the Downtown Line, the Main Street extension, and the Riverfront extension. This route map also includes streetcar stop locations.




The above 2017 video is of a possible KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension. Since then, there has been further work to bring the KC Streetcar to mid-river and includes other design changes.


Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, is working on the Grand Boulevard bike/pedestrian bridge project which will add a pathway or pair of pathways to the outside of the existing bridge. This will be a Grand Bridge Exhibit dedicated facility for bicyclists and pedestrians, separate from vehicular traffic and the future KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension.


The improvements will provide a safe and continuous connection between the River Market neighborhood/business district and the Berkley Riverfront area. This section of Grand Boulevard is part of the proposed Bike KC plan to include separated bicycle facilities. The project will also include pedestrian accommodations in alignment with the KCMO Walkability Plan to complete the missing pedestrian link to Berkley Riverfront Park.


This bike/ped connection is planned to be constructed in coordination with the KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension project, and the project is outlined in and supported by the KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension study.


Click here for more information about the planned Bike/Ped Bridge.