The KC Streetcar is for everyone.


Along with the RideKC Transit team, the Kansas City Streetcar Authority’s primary goal is to unify KC metro through a multi-modal transportation system.


Level Boarding

The KC Streetcar offers 100% level boarding at all of its stops.  This means that we are wheelchair, bike, stroller and “anything with wheels” friendly. Those looking for level boarding should board at the middle doors of the streetcar.


Free to Ride

The KC Streetcar is free to ride from Union Station to the River Market and all the stops along the way.


Shared Stops

The KC Streetcar stops also share stops with RideKC Bike and Bike share services. At Union Station and River Market North (3rd & Grand) riders can rent a bicycle when they disembark from the KC Streetcar OR ride RideKC Bike to one of those locations and hop on the KC Streetcar.


The Bus Bridge

In the event of a service outage of any given length, the KC Streetcar Authority along with RideKC Transit (KCATA) will provide auxiliary bus services to riders along the streetcar route free of charge. It is our goal to always provide seamless and available service to passengers regardless of any challenges.


Interpretive Services

Whenever you need translation assistance, simply call one number. The RideKC Regional Call Center can connect you to an interpreter who can translate information and questions you may have in more than 50 different languages, everything from Spanish to Chinese to Vietnamese to Swahili. The call center can be reached at 816-221-0660. The interpretive service is available 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.