The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is excited to provide the opportunity to include the iconic new KC Streetcar brand on your product. The streetcar is a community asset, and we are eager to partner with the community to celebrate it with a variety of products. Use of the KC Streetcar brand, including all related or derivative marks, requires a usage license, which is granted without fee at the sole discretion of the Kansas City Streetcar Authority (KCSA).



Obtaining a Usage License

Obtaining a license requires KCSA approval of the specific proposed application and design. The usage of the Kansas City Streetcar brand elements is administered by the Kansas City Streetcar Authority (KCSA), and the KCSA Executive Director will be responsible for approving all design concepts and issuing license documentation. Streetcar brand standards will generally govern the use of brand elements, and the brand standards guide (available upon request) provides an overview of appropriate use.


Submissions for approval should include a graphic depiction of the product design, as well as any planned accompanying merchandising elements to be used with the product. If any variants are expected, those must be outlined in the approval application.


To apply, submit your design artwork, descriptions, proposed sales channels, and business overviews to the KCSA Executive Director (contract information below). If sample product is available, they are strongly encouraged and will aid in the review process. The KCSA will review and provide a response to the request within 30 business days of application receipt.



Donna Mandelbaum, Communications Director, KCSA
600 East 3rd Street
Kansas City, MO  64106


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