How to Ride

The KC Streetcar is a comprehensive venture in public transit working toward the goal of connecting Kansas City. We want you to enjoy the full benefit of the streetcar. Learn how to plan your trip along the route, use the streetcar safely, and experience what it means to truly RideKC. A regional trip planner, connecting streetcar to bus transit, can be found on the Ride KC website (


Welcome to the KC Streetcar Stop

When you arrive at a streetcar stop, you’ll notice our electronic signs that give you real-time information about streetcar arrival time, service interruptions, and other pertinent information. Remember to be aware of the approaching streetcar and to respect the rail.

Boarding the KC Streetcar

KC Streetcar stops, or platforms, are same-level to the streetcar meaning boarding the vehicle is safe, easy and ADA accessible. When the streetcar comes to a complete stop, please allow for departing riders to exit the streetcar and then board. Please do not attempt to the hold the doors open. You may then find seating or hold on to a passenger hand rail. Now it’s time to Ride KC.

Riding the KC Streetcar

Once you’re on your way, check your phone, listen to your headphones, or chat with people you see every day. The streetcar travels on rails and is powered by electricity for a quiet and smooth journey. Be aware of what stops you approach to make sure you reach your correct destination.

Reaching Your Destination

As your approach your destination, wait for the streetcar to come to a complete stop. Push the door button to open the doors and then exit. After you exit the platform, remember to look before you cross and use crosswalks. We’ll see you again soon.