KC Streetcar Authority

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority (KCSA) is a not-for-profit organization formed for the purpose of managing, operating, and maintaining the streetcar once it is operational. In addition to overseeing streetcar operations, the KCSA supports system branding, marketing, public communication, and community engagement.


While the KCSA is a separate entity, it works closely with the City of Kansas City, Missouri and the downtown Transportation Development District (TDD) to coordinate service development and long-term management of the streetcar.   The day-to-day functions of the KCSA are managed by its staff with oversight from the Board of Directors.


For more information about the KCSA, please contact:

Ebony Jackson
Office Administrator, Kansas City Streetcar Authority ejackson@kcstreetcar.org

Donna Mandelbaum
Communications Director, Kansas City Streetcar Authority dmandelbaum@kcstreetcar.org

Executive Director Tom Gerend 
KC Streetcar Authority tgerend@kcstreetcar.org


In January 2016, the Kansas City Streetcar Authority awarded the title of Chairman Emeritus to Tom Trabon, the creator and founding chair of the KC Streetcar Authority.



Board of Directors

  • Michael Collins, Acting Chair (JE Dunn)
  • Jon Copaken, Treasurer (Copaken Brooks)
  • Jan Marcason, Secretary (Olsson Associations/Greater KC Chamber of Commerce)
  • Susan Ford Robertson (The Robertson Law Group)
  • George Guastello (Union Station)
  • David Johnson (KCATA)
  • Edward Merriman (Americo/DST)
  • Jason Swords (Sunflower Development Group)
  • Jon Stephens (Port Authority of KC)
  • Russ Johnson
  • Matt Staub (Proxima, LLC.)
  • Stacey Paine (Crown Center Redevelopment Corp.)

Here is a map of the downtown Downtown TDD MapTransportation Development District boundary.

Revenue sources & maximum rates for the KC Streetcar

The downtown KC Streetcar operating budget is comprised mostly of funds collected within the TDD. Those revenues include:

  • A sales tax not to exceed 1 percent on sales within the TDD boundary
  • A special assessment on real estate within the TDD boundary, with maximum annual rates as follows:
    • 48¢ for each $100 of assessed value for commercial property ($1,536 for each $1 million of market value)
    • 70¢ for each $100 of assessed value for residential property ($266 for each $200,000 of market value)
    • $1.04 for each $100 of assessed value for property owned by the City (which would mean a total annual City payment of about $810,000)
    • 40¢ for each $100 of assessed value for real property exempt from property tax, such as religious, educational, charitable, etc. property, but only on market value more than $300,000 and less than $50 Million.
  • A supplemental special assessment on surface pay parking lots within the TDD boundary (not garages and not free parking lots). The maximum rate for the supplemental special assessment on surface pay parking lots will be $54.75 per space per year.