Code of Conduct

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KCMO City Ordinance 140433 maps out the rules of conduct while riding and interacting with the KC Streetcar. The Code of Conduct for streetcars is similar to those for buses and gives guidance on how to conduct behaviors while riding on a streetcar, including interaction with a streetcar operator.

Be Smart

Municipal ordinances and State statutes state that failure to comply with the following may result in criminal prosecution.

  1. Smoking on the streetcar or at streetcar stops is prohibited.
  2. Eating on the streetcar is prohibited.
  3. Do not bring weapons onto the streetcar.
  4. No pets allowed on board the streetcar except for service dogs as defined by the ADA. Service dogs must either be in a small carrier or leashed and under the control of their owner.
  5. Do not solicit money or distribute literature on the streetcar or at streetcar stops.
  6. Do not loiter on the streetcar or at streetcar stops.
  7. Do not be disruptive. This includes behavior, language and in personal hygiene.
  8. All passengers must deboard streetcar at the end of the line.

Be Safe

Exercise common courtesy so that everyone has a pleasant experience.

  1. Let other passengers off the streetcar before boarding.
  2. Shirt/top and shoes are required to ride the streetcar.
  3. Put a lid or cap on beverage containers to prevent spills.
  4. Respect fellow passengers and the streetcar operator.
  5. Do not hang from overhead streetcar handrails or straps.
  6. Use appropriate language and content in conversations.
  7. Use earphones to listen to personal entertainment devices.
  8. The fold-down seating area is designated for the elderly or persons with disabilities. Please accommodate them even if it means you must stand for your trip.
  9. If a passenger boards while carrying a child on a full streetcar, kindly offer them your seat.
  10. Do not sleep, lie down or take more room than you need on board the streetcar.
  11. Limit personal items to those you can personally carry. Please don’t place personal items on the seats.
  12. Please do not place feet on the seats.
  13. Shopping carts are not allowed on board the streetcar.

Be Ready

Follow these important safety rules so that everyone arrives safely at their destination.

  1. Remember, it is unsafe to attempt to board as the streetcar leaves a stop.
  2. Remember to always hold on to a designated holding point while standing on the streetcar.
  3. Keep bicycles and strollers in middle section of streetcar (designated & signed area).  An open stroller or bike in the aisle is a hazard for everyone on board.
  4. Keep children safe by either securely holding them or keeping them seated during the ride.
  5. Maintain a firm hold on all personal items you place on the floor, and keep seats, aisles and doorways clear of personal items.
  6. Move out of the aisle, if possible, to make way for boarding and unboarding passengers.
  7. After unboarding, move a safe distance away from the streetcar.

NEVER cross (step) in front of the streetcar, unless it is stopped at a red light.