Track Access

2015-10-21 09.13.14Track Access

Now that the KC Streetcar is up and running, contractors, employees, third-party utilities, etc., should be aware of a new permitting system when working close to the streetcar construction zone.   Any work that is to happen within the guide way of 4 feet within the centerline of the tracks and/or within 10 feet of the OCS (overhead catenary system) requires a Track Access Permit or no work can be performed.  Click here to access the City’s Track Access Permit application.   The Track Access Permit needs to be completed and sent by email or hand-delivered to the On-Track Coordinator, Brian Flynn, by 10:00am Tuesday PRIOR to work beginning. Permits are good for up to 7 days and a copy of the approved permit must be present at the work site.


Contact Brian Flynn with the City’s Permit Office for more information (   If this is your first time working around the streetcar tracks or wires, you are required to go through a 30 minute Track Access Training. It is at this training that individuals will learn more specifics about the permitting process and the safety regulations when working around a streetcar system.  Live Track Access is managed by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and training will be provided by the KC Streetcar Authority Operations team.


Hours of Operation

          Please note that streetcars are still on the alignment for approximately 45 minutes after the last run of the night. For example, when Sunday service runs until 11:00pm, the last streetcar comes back into the Singleton Yard at around 11:45pm. Any work on the streetcar alignment must occur AFTER all streetcars are off the alignment.    


Complimentary training is held at 8:00am the first Wednesday of each month at the Streetcar Annex Building at 114 Holmes Street, KCMO 64106. These sessions are offered without charge to interested contractors. This facility is adjacent to the Singleton Yard at 600 East 3rd Street.    


For questions about the Track Access Process, please contact Ryan Lowe at 816-646-9488 or Jackie Smith 816-383-9609.      

KC Streetcar Overhead Contact Wires

This video is a guideline for anyone preparing to do any type of work near the KC Streetcar tracks. It covers the dangers of coming into contact with the Streetcar’s overhead wires, the permit you need before starting any work, and what you can do to avoid injury.