Economic Development

Private Development

Streetcars do more than simply improve mobility. In Kansas City, the entire community is looking to the Downtown Streetcar to fuel economic growth. By promoting development, raising property values, attracting businesses and residents, and helping to redefine our city, streetcars benefit everyone.


TDD_Dev_Impact_4-11-2016 FinalDowntown Development by the Numbers

Kansas City has more than $1.8 billion dollars in economic development underway within the boundaries of the KC Streetcar TDD, or Transportation Development District, since voters approved the streetcar in December 2012.

View this map for a current listing of downtown development projects.

(This data is current as of January 2017)

Downtown Streetcar TDD Project Incentive & Coordination Program

The City of Kansas City, Mo. recognizes the significant benefits private development along the streetcar line will bring to our downtown. In an effort to support projects within the Downtown Streetcar TDD, the City has established a project incentive and coordination program.

Program highlights include:

  • Project Facilitator Program
  • Development Assistance Team meetings
  • Project Coordination Meetings
  • Expedited plans review and permitting turnaround times
  • Infrastructure assessment tools
  • Performance metrics and measures to monitor program effectiveness


The entire program is described in this Information Bulletin and full information on the City’s development process.
For more information, please email John Pajor at KCBizCare or Jim Hedstrom at City Planning & Development.

Building Community Through Transit

Developers on the KC Streetcar

Our friends at the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance help tell the Developers Story about how the streetcar investment inspired their developments, and how others can help in continuing to realize economic development benefits from our transit investment.