Tracking Progress

Streetcar construction continues to make steady progress across the board.

pie-charts-2.26.15-700x400 (1)Although orange cones are still prevalent up and down Main St, significant progress has been made in the construction of the downtown KC Streetcar.

Approximately 88% of century old sewer and water lines along the alignment have been upgraded and replaced, totaling nearly 30,000 linear feet of new and improved lines.

More than 10,000 feet of track is already in the ground from the Main Street Bridge to the River Market at 3rd and Delaware. The foundations for the overhead system that will power the Streetcar is more than half complete, while the Singleton Yard (the Vehicle Maintenance Facility), is about 60% complete.

While construction is anticipated to continue through 2015, a great deal of work has been completed since the official start of Streetcar construction in May 2014.