The Singleton Yard Goes Vertical

Construction of the Singleton Yard reaches another milestone

VMF-Jan-6--700x400As the sun rose over the northeast area of Kansas City, silhouettes of cranes and steel beams grew taller against the blue and pink backdrop of the morning sky. While most of us were celebrating the holidays with family and friends and ringing in the new year with promises and resolutions, work continued on the Singleton Yard with the installation of steel beams and concrete walls.

The “Singleton Yard” Vehicle Maintenance Facility, named after architect and long-time transit advocate E. Crichton ” Kite” Singleton, will be a two-story, full-service station for repairing, servicing and maintaining the streetcars for the KC Downtown Streetcar line. Located at 3rd Street and Holmes, this site is unique as it will allow ground access to both the upper and lower levels because of the slope of the terrain.

The Singleton Yard is a total of 24,982 square feet and includes 10,966 square feet of work area, 7,635 square feet of equipment and storage area, and 6,381 square feet of office area.  It includes three service bays, three cranes, a parts elevator and parts room, and an “Operations Room” to monitor and control the streetcars.