Stop and Smell the Flowers

KC Streetcar temporary art installation and collaboration is a first of its kind in Kansas City

The KC Streetcar has teamed up with MADE MOBB and Lily Floral Designs on a groundbreaking art installation at the Crossroads southbound streetcar stop at 19th & Main Street.

Titled “Stop and Smell the Flowers,” this temporary installation aims to transform urban spaces with the beauty and vibrancy of nature, while also envoking the philosophy of appreciating the people and moments in your life. The installation will be on display at the Crossroads southbound streetcar stop for a limited time.

“Stop and Smell the Flowers” is a unique concept that combines the creative vision of MADE MOBB and Lily Floral Designs with the transit landscape of the KC Streetcar route. The installation features fresh flowers “blooming” from the north side of the streetcar stop frame, cascading into a trash can full of vibrant blooms. The installation is made up of lush seasonal blooms in shades of white, butter yellow, and soft peach featuring tulips, roses, lilies, and spyria.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with local Kansas City businesses MADE MOBB and Lily Floral Designs to bring this innovative art installation to downtown,” said Donna Mandelbaum, KC Streetcar Authority. “Art has the power to transform public spaces and enhance the rider experience, and ‘Stop and Smell the Flowers’ does just that,” continued Mandelbaum.

“Stop and Smell the Flowers” serves as a reminder to slow down and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the present moment. This installation invites riders, residents, workers, and visitors to disconnect from their daily rush and find a moment of gratitude and reflection. Don’t miss your chance this weekend to experience this one-of-a-kind installation in downtown Kansas City.

This art installation introduces MADE MOBB’s annual May Flowers Collection, featuring more than ten floral-themed pieces. The collection highlights the ‘Give Your People Flowers While They’re Here’ motif and includes a special collaborative tee with Lily Floral Designs, which invites everyone to ‘Stop and Smell the Flowers.’ The collection is set to release at MADE MOBB’s First Friday launch event on May 3rd to Kansas City locals first, and will be online the next day at

Established in Kansas City in 2013, MADE MOBB is a streetwear brand that champions the spirit of its city. Located in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District, MADE MOBB has collaborated with the Kansas City Chiefs, the KC Current, UMKC, Gates, and more. Find out more at

About Lily Floral Designs:
Lily Floral Designs is a woman owned floral studio in Columbus Park. Co-owners Lily and Betsy have more than 30 years experience in floral design and have had the privilege of designing events all over the country. Find out more at