Rider Survey Results

KC Streetcar releases 2023 Rider Satisfaction Survey Results

The KC Streetcar Authority recently published the results of its comprehensive 2023 Rider Satisfaction Survey, which was conducted in the fall of 2023 by the ETC Institute. This survey, which garnered responses from a robust sample size of 880 riders, provides valuable insights into the experiences and preferences of passengers utilizing the KC Streetcar.

The on-board survey, which took place in November 2023, was designed to capture a holistic view of rider satisfaction. Surveys were available in both traditional print and digital formats, accommodating respondents in both English and Spanish. The data collected encompassed various aspects, including frequency of use, trip purpose, satisfaction with transit characteristics, method of accessing transit information, household information, and demographic details.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Overall, the majority of riders expressed high levels of satisfaction with all KC Streetcar services, with 93% of respondents Very Satisfied or Satisifed with streetcar service, compared to 6% Neutral, and 1% Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied. 
  • The highest ratings of satisfaction (Satisfied and Very Satisfied) were observed in categories such as:
    • Ease of use (96%)
    • Access to stops (93%)
    • Condition of stops (92%)
    • Cleanliness of streetcars (92%)
    • Reliability of service (92%)
    • Personal Safety while riding (91%)
    • Professionalism & Friendliness of staff (91%)
  • Of the surveyed participants, 30% of riders indicated that the reliability of service is most important, followed by on schedule performance, professionalism & friendliness of operators & staff, and ease of use each at 20%.

Further analysis of the survey data revealed insights into rider demographics and behavior:

  • Of the surveyed participants, 80% were residents of the KC Metro area, highlighting the local significance of the streetcar service.
  • 65% of respondents self-identified as “choice riders,” indicating that they have access to a personal vehicle but opt for streetcar transportation.
  • The largest percentage of riders are those ages 25-34 years, with 35% of riders being over the age of 45. 
  • Nearly 40% of regular riders use the KC Streetcar four or more days each week.
  • In terms of trip purpose, 31% of weekday streetcar riders reported utilizing the service for employment-related trips.
  • Moreover, more than 61% of surveyed individuals indicated spending money downtown, underscoring the streetcar’s role in stimulating economic activity and supporting local businesses.

“Our team strives to be the very best and we can only do that through good data and regular user feedback,” said Tom Gerend, Executive Director, KC Streetcar Authority.  “The strong satisfaction ratings indicate we are doing a lot of things right, but there is always room for improvement.” 

The KC Streetcar Authority remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the community and looks forward to implementing targeted improvements based on the survey findings.

For more information on the 2023 KC Streetcar Rider Satisfaction Survey results, please visit www.kcstreetcar.org/rider-surveys