The KC Streetcar Authority is seeking a full-time Operations & Planning Manager


This position will support the KC Streetcar Authority’s management and oversight of the KC Streetcar maintenance and operations activities and serve as key support for operations and planning related project management functions for the authority’s planned extensions of the KC Streetcar system (Main Street Extension and the Riverfront Extension).


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The Operations and Planning Manager position will play an important role on the KC Streetcar Authority (KCSA) team and work directly with the Executive Director to develop, support, and manage day-to-day operations and maintenance oversight functions of the current system. This position will also support operations and planning related coordination responsibilities on the KC Streetcar extension projects, which may involve alternative reporting structures depending on project. This is a newly formed position with the KCSA and as such the selected candidate will have the unique opportunity to help define and shape the role of this important position.


Interested candidates should submit a resume with a cover letter to Ebony Jackson, Office Manager, KCSA, at ejackson@kcstreetcar.org.




This position requires a bachelor’s degree in planning, engineering, or other degree that may be applicable to the duties described plus a minimum of ten years related experience in transportation planning, public transit, operations, or other related field. A graduate degree in a related field and experience with a public transportation agency, local government, or nonprofit organization is strongly preferred.


Position requires experience in project management, transit planning, and transit operations. The position requires ability to manage multiple projects under deadline; excellent oral/written communication/ and analytical skills; ability to work with diverse groups as well as with external stakeholders, contractors, and internal staff; and requires a strong customer service orientation and a desire to pursue continuous improvement.




The following represents the essential functions of this position. Additional duties may also be assigned and be essential to the successful performance of this position.

  • Directly support the Executive Director in the oversight and management of day-to-day operations and maintenance activities on behalf of KCSA.
  • Produce operational reports, analysis, and findings related to system performance and condition.
  • Participate in, support, and conduct a range of system audits as may be required and/or requested by the Federal Transit Administration, City of Kansas City, Missouri, or KCSA Executive Director.
  • Support the management and oversight of KC Streetcar operations and maintenance contractors and subcontractors.
  • Support the coordination and staffing of operations related system expansion activities including supporting the Main Street Extension, the Riverfront Extension, and future additional expansion efforts.
  • Participate in and support planning work groups and staff meetings on extension planning.
  • Support the management and coordination of operations-related consultant support and external contractors.
  • Participate in and support integrated testing, pre-revenue operations, and rail activation for planned route extensions.
  • Work closely with project partners including Herzog Transit (operations contractor), the City of Kansas City, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, PortKC, the FTA, and other project partners as needed to support day-to-day KCSA operations and maintenance activities.
  • Support KCSA staff and KC Streetcar contractors in the planning of programs, logistics, and other activities requiring maintenance and operations related coordination.
  • Support and respond to inquiries from the general public, transit riders, and downtown stakeholders as may be needed.
  • Serve as lead staff to KCSA’s Operations Committee to support on-going engagement of KCSA Board of Directors and stakeholders in operational planning and our pursuit of continuous improvement.

The KC Streetcar is currently hiring for a Streetcar Operator in the operations department managed by Herzog Transit Services.


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The successful candidate will work full time at the Singleton Yard KC Streetcar Office located at 600 East 3rd Street, Kansas City, MO. Since the KC Streetcar runs a seven day/week operation, it may be necessary to work nights, weekends, and special events.



  • Candidates must be at least 25 years of age.
  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Rail Transit Operator experience is considered a plus.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record for the past 5 years.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • This position is responsible for the operation of the KC Streetcar in a safe and efficient manner within established rules, schedules, regulations, procedures and providing professional and courteous customer service.
  • Reports for duty at the Vehicle Maintenance Facility or any other designated location along the system in the prescribed uniform with a neat and well-groomed appearance.
  • New hires should expect to work late nights, weekends and holidays exclusively as seniority dictates.
  • Maybe required to work on an “on-call” basis.
  • Participates in HTSI provided training programs for operating rules, track access, standard operating procedures, safety, vehicle operations, minor troubleshooting and basic customer service.
  • May work with vehicle manufacturer to provide movement of vehicles within the yard and shop area and on the mainline or mainline extension (s) for vehicle burn-in and pre-revenue operations training.
  • Operates KC Streetcars on embedded tracks within the vehicle maintenance facility, yard storage area and main line in accordance with established operating schedules.
  • Informs operations supervisors of operating status of equipment and any observed defects.
  • Performs pre-departure inspection in accordance with established procedures for streetcar preparation for service and reports any observations to supervisory staff.
  • Observes and immediately reports to supervisory staff of road vehicles that possibly block or otherwise prohibit movement of the streetcar along the streetcar mainline.
  • Observes and reports work being performed in or near the track that appears to be unsafe and without proper track access authority.
  • Positions streetcars within the maintenance facility, yard tracks or car wash as directed.
  • Receives and transmits messages by hand-held or train-based two-way radio for operational authorization to depart/enter yard storage area and when entering/leaving the mainline track.
  • Inspects the KC Streetcar at stops and while changing operating ends, checks for debris and newspapers left behind by passengers and discards in proper waste receptacles, or passes on to field supervisory staff.
  • Observes and reports any defects or unsafe conditions with regard to movement along the track or overhead contact wire (OCS) obstructions that can prohibit streetcar movement.
  • Ensures that streetcar station stop announcements are being made via the pre-programmed public address announcement system and manually intervenes if required.
  • Provides manual on-board announcements at regular intervals informing passengers of incidents that cause delays to streetcar movement.
  • Prepares daily trip reports and defect reports upon completion of duty.
  • Regular and predictable attendance and punctuality are a requirement for this position.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The KC Streetcar is currently hiring for a Streetcar Operators Manager in the operations department managed by Herzog Transit Services.


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The successful candidate will work full time at the Singleton Yard KC Streetcar Office located at 600 East 3rd Street, Kansas City, MO. Since the KC Streetcar runs a seven day/week operation, it may be necessary to work nights, weekends, and special events.



  • Minimum High School diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years operations and managerial experience in a rail transit environment.
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Proficient with transit scheduling software
  • Must possess or be able to earn FTA Safety Certifications (TSSP & PTSCTP)
  • Strong communication skills – written, verbal, persuasion, motivation, facilitation of strong working relationships
  • Excellent math and accounting skills


Duties and Responsibilities:

*This is a non-exhaustive overview of the job duties for this position.

  • Manage operations department with the goal of providing safe, reliable and friendly service
  • Responsible for hiring, training and maintaining a team consisting of sufficient number of Operations Supervisors,
  • Full Time Operators and Part Time Operators to provide required service levels
  • Responsible for preparing operating schedules, posting bid sheets and filling jobs based on required service levels
  • Train, certify and re-certify Operators in accordance with the established Training Plan
  • Foster strong relationships with employees and union leadership
  • Adheres to, counsels, advises and monitors compliance and proper application of rules, procedures and regulations by employees, internal departments, outside agencies and contractors
  • Documents non-compliance with rules and policies when required
  • Review and approve pay sheets for operations employees
  • Administer PTO Program for the entire Operations Dept
  • Resolve Operations hazards by developing Corrective Action Plans (CAP’s) with the support of the Safety Manger
  • Implements rules, procedures and policies
  • Prepares concise operations reports, compiles information and maintains procedural reference information
  • Participates in departmental meetings and projects and communicates with other involved or affected departments and/or agencies regarding possible service issues
  • Oversee hazard, incident, occurrence & accident investigations
  • Comply with FTA Safety Management System (SMS) Requirements
  • Performs operational evaluations and proficiency test
  • Participates actively in emergency drills and emergency training
  • Operates streetcar as needed
  • Regular and predictable attendance and punctuality are a requirement for this position.
  • Other duties as assigned