KC Streetcar #802 Rolls Into Town

Kansas City Welcomes KC Streetcar Vehicle #2

WHAT: The arrival of Kansas City’s second streetcar, #802, from vehicle manufacturer CAF USA, Inc. will arrive in Kansas City this week. This is the second in a fleet of four streetcar vehicles. The KC Streetcar vehicles are picking up the numbering where it left off more than 50 years ago with the 725-799 streetcar series. The new vehicles are known as the 801-804 series.


WHEN: Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Estimated arrival late-afternoon. *Arrival time is subject to change due to traffic conditions. More details on arrival time will be posted on Twitter and Facebook (@kcstreetcar).


WHO: CAF, along with Silk Road Transport, will deliver KC Streetcar vehicle #802 more than 1,000 miles from Elmira, N.Y. to Kansas City, Missouri.


WHERE: The media are invited to watch the arrival of KC Streetcar #802 from the KC Area Transportation Authorities’ RideKC Park & Ride lot at 3rd and Grand. During the arrival of KC Streetcar #802, there will be no parking along Grand Boulevard from 3rd Street to 2nd Street.


HOW: Once on-site, the streetcar will be offloaded onto the tracks located along 2nd Street just east of Oak Street and transported to the Kite Singleton Vehicle Maintenance Facility located at 600 East 3rd Street. KC Streetcar #802 will undergo shop testing for several days before it starts testing on the tracks.


Integrated systems testing of KC Streetcar #801 is more than 70% complete. Each streetcar vehicle is approximately 77 feet long, weighs 78,000 lbs., and has a maximum rider capacity of 150. It offers level boarding at all of its 16 stops, making it easier for bike riders, wheelchairs and strollers to board and disembark from the vehicle.


For additional information, visit the KC Streetcar website at www.kcstreetcar.org or contact Donna Mandelbaum with the KC Streetcar Authority at 816.627.2526 (office), 816.877.3219 (cell), or email at dmandelbaum@kcstreetcar.org. The KC Streetcar is also online on Twitter (@kcstreetcar), Facebook (@kcstreetcar) and Instagram.