It’s Cold Outside

KC Streetcar Constructors Plans for Cold Weather and Snow

As the winter and potential for snow approaches, KC Streetcar Constructors (KCSC) is committed to maintaining safe conditions along the future streetcar route for the traveling public and its crews. KCSC will implement the following snow and cold weather guidelines to ensure the City can perform normal snow-plowing operations and to maintain safety throughout the work zones. These guidelines have been developed in coordination with the City of Kansas City, Missouri Department of Public Works.

  • Streetcar crews will generally continue working through the cold temperatures. Work will only stop if the cold temperatures create an unsafe work condition or make it difficult to operate equipment.
  • When a snow event is forecasted, steel plates located at driveways and in travel lanes will be milled to match the surrounding road surface grade.
  • KCSC will mark the edges of the steel plates sitting over exposed track with reflectors or stakes. The position of the elevation of the exposed track does not allow for the plates to be milled.
  • The team will notify property owners of any steel plates not embedded in the roadway so they can coordinate with their snow removal companies.
  • KCSC will remove snow from our work zones and will haul it away to an off-site location.
  • KCSC will continue to coordinate with the City’s snow plow efforts to ensure the City can perform normal snow-plowing operations.

For more information about KC Streetcar construction and the cold weather plans, contact Meghan Jansen at, 816-859-7019 or 816-804-8882.

Read the full release here.