Get Out and Get On Board!

Link to video:

Kemet the Phantom, otherwise known as Kemet Coleman, in collaboration with RideKC Streetcar, have released a music video on YouTube for the newly released song, Get Out, which includes exclusive footage of the inside of the Kansas City Streetcar in motion.

The unprecedented partnership delivers a very timely and fun offering given the public anticipation and excitement for the grand opening party for the Streetcar in Kansas City happening May 6-7 downtown.

The music video, directed by Kansas City based film director Brandon Bender and filmed entirely inside one of the Kansas City streetcars while in motion on Main Street, provides a fresh, new perspective of Kansas City that has yet to be experienced.

“As a supporter and user of public transit in Kansas City, I felt compelled to create an experiential song about an imaginary rider who would use the streetcar to get to his various destinations,” Kemet Coleman explains.

The Song Get Out by Kemet the Phantom is available worldwide on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music and many more online music outlets.

More information about Kemet the Phantom can be found at For more information about the grand opening party visit: