Vehicle Testing

Prior to opening on May 6, 2016, the KC Streetcar system went through months of systems and vehicle testing.


KC Streetcar Testing

For the first time ever, two KC Streetcars were tested at the same time in late December 2015. Both streetcars were loaded with 17,000 pounds of weight and performed simultaneous starts at the same electrical system. Both streetcars did travel at top posted speeds.


KC Streetcar Vehicle Testing from KC Streetcar on Vimeo.

Sequence and Schedule of Testing of the KC Streetcar

Stand Alone Testing:
Underway & To Be Completed by Late October

  • Yard & Shop Tests
  • Mainline Tests
  • OCS System Tests
  • Vehicle

Integrated Testing: Vehicle #1- November
(Yard, Shop, and Mainline)

  • Clearance – Dead & Live
  • OCS Clearance
  • Wheel Stop Interface
  • Track Switch Interface
  • Track Circuit Shunting
  • Platform Interface
  • Communications & Digital Signage
  • Ride Quality

Integrated Testing: Vehicle #2

  • Regeneration
  • Track Tests
  • Burn-in

Integrated Testing: Vehicle #3

  • TPSS Load Tests
  • Track Tests
  • Burn-in

Simulation of Service (Pre-Revenue Operations)

  • Three vehicle minimum
  • Schedule establishment and adherence
  • Completion of outstanding items list or related workarounds
  • Completion of Standard Operating Procedures, Hiring, and Training
  • Completion of Safety Certification Process
  • Completion of Federal Transit Administration and State Safety Oversight requirements, related reviews, and final signoffs.