Service Request

KC Streetcar Service Request Policy

Est. by KC Streetcar Authority | August 2016

On occasion, special events or other activities may desire to either extend the streetcar service hours beyond the adopted schedule or add additional vehicles to existing service to support anticipated demand.  This additional vehicle can not be reserved for a private group or event. This streetcar service policy prepared by the Kansas City Streetcar Authority (KCSA) outlines the costs and fees associated with service additions, the process for requesting increases in service, and the process the KCSA will use in making a final determination.



  • All service modifications are subject to approval by the Kansas City Streetcar Authority and are subject to the availability of the streetcar fleet on the day(s) in question.
  • All approved expanded service hours will be fully open to the public as full passenger service.
  • KC Streetcar has limited capacity (150 max per car) and may not be suitable for all events.

Process for Requesting Service Additions

Please send requests for service additions to 30 days in advance of the requested date, and include the following information:

  • Name, organization, and contact information
  • Brief event description
  • Date and times of the event
  • Specific hours and durations of requested service additions
  • Anticipated participant numbers
  • Dedicated security to be provided by applicant (if any)

Kansas City Streetcar Authority Review and Approval Process

Upon receipt of a special event service request, KCSA will initiate an internal review and respond to the applicant within five (5) business days regarding the conclusion of the review. KCSA’s review will include an evaluation of anticipated staff and fleet availability, event logistics, safety needs, and associated estimated total costs.


Upon receiving written approval of the request, applicants are required to submit payment of related fees in full two business days prior to the scheduled event. Make checks payable to Kansas City Streetcar Authority.


If payment is not received, KCSA reserves the right to return to the scheduled operations service plan.


KCSA will hold the check until after the planned evented date, and will only cash the check if requested service was provided.


Unforeseen Day of Service Events


It is possible that unforeseen events on the day of the requested service impact the ability to provide the supplemental service as requested. Examples of these unforeseen events include but are not limited to vehicle maintenance needs, inclement weather, medical emergencies, adjacent construction, traffic incidents, etc. The KCSA reserves the right to cancel or alter service requests at any time based on unforeseen events, the day-to-day conditions of the alignment, and the safety of the overall system.


Staff Contact:
Donna Mandelbaum, Communications Director, 816-627-2526,