KC Streetcar Ridership Survey

In the fall of 2019, the KC Streetcar Authority, along with ETC, conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The primary objective of the survey was to collect and analyze customer opinions regarding all aspects of service. The information collected is intended to serve multiple objectives, including overall satisfaction with KC Streetcar services and who, how, and why riders are using those services.

Chart from KC Streetcar Ridership Survey

Click here for the full 2019 KC Streetcar Customer Service Satisfaction Survey.

The 2019 KC Streetcar Onboard Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted during September 2019. The survey was administered on-board KC Streetcar service on both weekdays and weekends. More than 340 weekday riders and 375 weekend riders completed the survey. The results for the random sample of 722 KC Streetcar customers have a 95 percent level of confidence with a precision margin of error (MOE) of at least +/-3.5 percent (weekday +/- 5.5 percent; weekend +/- 5.5 percent).

Reason for using the KC Streetcar: The majority of streetcar riders surveyed are using the streetcar for social and/or entertainment related purposes. The KC Streetcar has highest ridership on the weekends (Friday evening through Sunday). However, the majority of weekday streetcar riders surveyed indicated that their primary trip purpose was work related.

Satisfaction Among Streetcar Riders Remains VERY HIGH: Among the 13 service-related items rated by streetcar riders, 11 received satisfaction ratings over 90 percent. The highest rated service items were 1) Ease of Use, 2) Reliability of Service, and 3) Condition of Stations. When comparing satisfaction levels on the streetcar to other types of transit (i.e. RideKC Local, MAX, and Express service), streetcar ratings are on average 28 percentage points higher.

Chart from KC Streetcar Ridership Survey

Vehicles Running on Schedule and Reliability: Riders feel that both reliability and vehicles running on schedule are highly important. Timeliness was followed by safety related items, both onboard and at stops as respondent’s next priority. Satisfactions levels were rated highly on all these items.

Schedule and Real Time Information: Most respondents use the real-time arrival signs or kiosks at the shelters for schedule and delay information. Most respondents do not use a mobile application to track streetcar vehicles real-time. This is likely due to the high level of service and nature of the KC Streetcar’s frequent service.

Importance of RideKC Services: In total, 88 percent of respondents find RideKC services (RideKC Streetcar, RideKC Local Bus, RideKC MAX and RideKC Express service) important or extremely important to the community.

KC Streetcar Extension: Overall, 89 percent of respondents would find an extension to the riverfront and to UMKC’s campus helpful. Only two percent of respondents would not find these extensions helpful.