KC Streetcar’s 1st Year

Connect. Develop. Thrive. Sustain.


Click here for the full report on the KC Streetcar’s first year of service.


“I find it hard to believe that twelve months ago the KC Streetcar team, along with our partners, were excitedly preparing for the opening of the KC Streetcar system, the first system of its kind to operate in the region since 1957. Together, we have reimagined how people access, enjoy, and feel about Downtown Kansas City. The KC Streetcar has made its mark in a big way and set a new trajectory for Downtown Kansas City. What an amazing year it has been.


This annual review serves as a reminder of the four goals that drive our mission: to Connect, Develop, Thrive, Sustain. These goals are the metrics that we use to assess our performance and plan for success. While there is important work left to do, we complete our review of year one with a sense a pride, appreciation, and gratitude.


It is hard to imagine Downtown Kansas City without the KC Streetcar. The KC Streetcar has made its mark but we are just getting started and important work remains. In the near term, we have plans to further improve existing service, lengthen service hours, and expand our fleet to support increased frequencies and system redundancy. There are also important plans underway to expand service to the Riverfront and the University of Missouri, Kansas City… investments that will extend the impact of the KC Streetcar to new neighborhoods and position Kansas City for future success.


Thank you for your support and most of all, Thanks for Riding. Ride KC!”


Tom Gerend
Executive Director, KC Streetcar Authority