Respect the Rail

As testing of the first streetcar vehicle is under way, the KC Streetcar Authority is continuing to roll out a comprehensive safety communications campaign to get the word out about Streetcar Safety.

“Respect the Rail. Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Ready”.

The streetcar safety messages are not only for riders of the streetcar but also for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, and encourage alertness even before streetcars are introduced onto the streets of downtown Kansas City.

Some sample messages are “Park within the Line” and “Mind Your Doors”, instructing motorists to park their entire vehicle within the white lines along the streetcar route, thus avoiding interference with the streetcar. Parking signs with this message are along the streetcar alignment and enforcement of this parking rule by the City of Kansas City, Mo, started July 1, 2015.

Other messages include:

  • Share The Road
  • Look Before You Cross
  • Use Crosswalks When Crossing The Street
  • Cross Your Bike at a 90 Degree Angle (This also applies to wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers).
  • Share The Road, Don’t Double Park (This applies to all vehicles, including delivery vehicles, about not parking on the streetcar track).
 Check out the KC Streetcar Safety Videos online: