Rail Welding Begins

Rail Welding Begins For KC Streetcar Main Street Extension

KC Streetcar Constructors will begin welding more than 700 tons of steel rail that will make up the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension. This is only 50% of the rail needed for the total project. The remaining rail will arrive by mid-March.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 26 at 10:15 a.m. Representatives from the mayor and city manager’s office will be in attendance.This event is not open to the public.

WHERE: Near the intersection of 27th Street and Main Street. As a result, traffic on Main Street will be temporarily reduced between 27th Street and Warwick Trafficway and Grand Boulevard will be closed between Main Street and Warwick Trafficway. Main Street will reopen once welding is complete in approximately two weeks, weather dependent.

WHO: KC Streetcar Constructors will lead the activity, with the welding operation completed by subcontractor Holland Welding, which completed the welding on the Downtown Starter line. The KC Streetcar Main Street Extension is a 3.5-mile extension of the KC Streetcar System that will connect the current southern terminus at Union Station to the University of Missouri – Kansas City at 51st Street and Brookside Boulevard. The extension, which is estimated to cost $351 million, is fully funded with federal Capital Investment Grant funds and new local funding approved through the Transportation Development District.

HOW: Using a technique called Electric Flash-Butt Welding, the ends of two sticks of rail are heated to approximately 2,800 degrees and then pressed together to create the weld. Throughout the process, multiple 400’ strings will be created. By completing the electric flash-butt weld now, the team minimizes the number of welds that will be completed in the field during track construction, which maximizes schedule efficiency.

MEDIA: For everyone’s safety, a staging area will be set up for media and guests. The area will be located on the east side of Main Street. Please see map for location. Those in attendance will need to wear safety goggles at all times.