North Loop Stops

Progress Continues at KC Streetcar North Loop Stops

Construction continues on the KC Streetcar North Loop stops near 7th& Main Streets with work on the southbound stop nearly complete.

The North Loop Southbound stop will be temporarily closed on Wednesday, June 12 in order for crews to install the streetcar shelter. During the closure, riders are directed to use alternate stops such as the Library Northbound and Southbound stops or the other North Loop Northbound stop on the opposite side of the street.

The North Loop construction includes the demolition of portions of the existing concrete base and seat wall at each platform stop in order for the base to structurally support and accommodate the new shelters. Construction is occurring primarily from the back-side of each platform and is not interfering with KC Streetcar or vehicular traffic in the northbound or southbound directions.

Construction began at the North Loop Southbound stop (west side of Main Street). Once complete, crews will begin work on the North Loop Northbound stop (east side of Main Street). The new shelters’ design and size are the same as the existing large streetcar shelters, which are 8 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Construction is anticipated to take 7-9 weeks for both North Loop streetcar stops.

When originally designed, the downtown line included sixteen streetcar stops but only thirteen of those stops had shelters, with North Loop Northbound and Southbound and Metro Southbound being the only streetcar stops without shelters. The North Loop is located at 7th& Main Street between the River Market and Central Business District areas. It is also the site for other development projects including the new McCownGordon office building construction and the “Flashcube” building redevelopment.

Work is being performed by Dimensional Innovations, a Kansas City-based design and manufacturing company who also created the current shelters on the downtown streetcar line. Other contractors involved are Freeman Concrete Construction, Heartland Fabrication & Machine, and Mark One, all local companies. The project is being managed by the City of Kansas City Missouri’s Public Works Department. The North Loop shelters were a deferred element of the original project’s construction. Remaining funds from the system’s construction are covering the shelter costs.