Wild New Wrap

Wild New Streetcar Wrap Spotted on the Route

On Friday, May 31, the first ever Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium Streetcar made its debut on Main Street in downtown Kansas City. The crowd was buzzing as the wild new streetcar pulled up to the Union Station streetcar stop with special guests Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium CEO, Sean Putney, Ollie the Otter, and Sammy Stingray on board.  Even local media were in attendance to capture the latest KC Streetcar wrap. 

The wild design, created by the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium creative team, highlights both the zoo and the aquarium, with each side showcasing different color palettes and animals. Riders can become immersed in the jungle as one side of the wrap features a vibrant kelly green and a large Rainbow Boa Constrictor wrapping around the streetcar. Then take a dive as the other side features a beautiful ocean blue with a giant Pacific Octopus swimming by. Each of the animals featured on the streetcar can be found at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

The Zoo Streetcar will be in service all summer long, so be sure to hop on and take a ride on the wild side with the KC Streetcar and Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium.