Winter Weather Prep

The KC Streetcar team prepares for the winter weather

January 15, 2020

As Kansas City prepares for winter weather Thursday night and Friday morning, the KC Streetcar team is working to keep employees and passengers safe.

Beginning Thursday evening, the team will start treating streetcar stops and platforms in advance of the winter weather. Ice cutters have been placed on two streetcars in preparation for any potential ice. These ice cutters are placed on the streetcar’s pantographs and help to remove ice from the overhead wires that power the streetcars.

Streetcar service will run with regular service Thursday evening until midnight. Once passenger service concludes, subject to weather conditions, streetcars may continue to run the route without passengers during overnight hours in order to prevent ice build-up on the overhead wires and pantographs.

As long as conditions are safe, KC Streetcar service will begin Friday morning at 6:00am with three streetcar service. Streetcars will travel at slower speeds during icy and snowy conditions. If weather conditions become unsafe, KC Streetcar service may be reduced or suspended. Service information will be shared via text alerts by texting “kcstreetcar” to 797979, posted on the KC Streetcar Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as posted on streetcar arrival signs at each streetcar stop.

On Friday, the KC Streetcar crew will arrive early to remove any overnight snow and ice on the trackways, overhead wires and streetcar stop platforms. Crews will continue to treat streetcar stops and trackways throughout the day. Streetcars will have ice cutters on the pantographs to keep the overhead wires free of ice.

A special note to property owners and businesses on the streetcar route: When shoveling snow from the sidewalk and/or property, please take care not to shovel the snow onto the streetcar tracks. Snow, especially packed snow, can interfere with streetcar operations. It is important to keep the tracks clear of snow and ice.

To keep in the loop on all streetcar service news, text “kcstreetcar” to 797979 and follow the KC Streetcar on Twitter and Facebook.