KC Streetcar Facility Tours

Want to learn more about the KC Streetcar?

The KC Streetcar is here and you want to ride…and learn more about how this project got off the ground and what is planned for the future. If your group or organization is interested in a tour of the Singleton Yard, please send an email to info@kcstreetcar.org or call our main phone number at 816.627.2527.

As of spring 2023, the Singleton Yard is under significant construction due to the extension of the streetcar system. For the duration of 2023 and early 2024, accommodating Singleton Yard facility tours will be extremely limited and may not be available due to safety and capacity reasons. Additionally, there is very limited parking available at the facility and on the adjacent street due to construction, so carpooling is highly recommended.

Below are the general Singleton Yard tour guidelines:

  • Tours must be requested in advance either via email (info@kcstreetcar.org) or phone call (816.627.2527).
  • Tours are available Monday – Friday, 10am-3pm. *Special considerations may be considered for after hours and weekend events/tours.
  • Tours typically last 45 mins-60mins.
  • Group size limit is 20 – 25 attendees.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as closed toe shoes and safety vests must be worn in order to access the maintenance area and go inside a streetcar within the facility. If PPE is not worn, tours are limited to the administrative wing and mezzanine level. There may be times when hard hats may also be required.
  • Food and drinks can not be brought on the tour. Water bottles with lids are allowed.
  • Tours are scheduled at the discretion of the KC Streetcar Authority and on a capacity and resource basis.
  • Each group gets their own tour UNLESS there are smaller groups that can combine into one larger group
  • The Singleton Yard is not available for rent or for public events UNLESS it is closely related to the KC Streetcar Authority or the City.
  • Tours do not include riding on the streetcar but attendees can view the inside of the streetcar if one is located within the Singleton Yard.
  • Booking a tour does not guarantee that any streetcar will be available at the Singleton Yard.