1. The KC Streetcar is currently hiring for a Part-time Streetcar Operator.

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Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • This position is responsible for the operation of the streetcar in a safe and efficient manner within established rules, schedules, regulations, procedures and providing professional and courteous customer service.
  • Reports for duty at the Vehicle Maintenance Facility or any other designated location along the system in the prescribed uniform with a neat and well-groomed appearance.
  • New hires should expect to work late nights, weekends and holidays exclusively as seniority dictates. Maybe required to work on an “on-call” basis.
  • Participates in HTSI provided training programs for operating rules, track access, standard operating procedures, safety, vehicle operations, minor troubleshooting and basic customer service.
  • May work with vehicle manufacturer to provide movement of vehicles within the yard and shop area and on the mainline or mainline extension (s) for vehicle burn-in and pre-revenue operations training.
  • Operates Streetcars on embedded tracks within the vehicle maintenance facility, yard storage area and main line in accordance with established operating schedules.
  • Informs operations supervisors of operating status of equipment and any observed defects.
  • Performs pre-departure inspection in accordance with established procedures for streetcar preparation for service and reports any observations to supervisory staff.
  • Observes and immediately reports to supervisory staff of road vehicles that possibly block or otherwise prohibit movement of the streetcar along the streetcar mainline.
  • Observes and reports work being performed in or near the track that appears to be unsafe and without proper track access authority.
  • Positions streetcars within the maintenance facility, yard tracks or car wash as directed.
  • Receives and transmits messages by hand-held or train-based two-way radio for operational authorization to depart/enter yard storage area and when entering/leaving the mainline track.
  • Inspects the train at terminals and while changing operating ends, checks for debris and newspapers left behind by passengers and discards in proper waste receptacles, or passes on to field supervisory staff.
  • Observes and reports any defects or unsafe conditions with regard to movement along the track or overhead contact wire (OCS) obstructions that can prohibit streetcar movement.
  • Ensures that streetcar station stop announcements are being made via the pre-programmed public address announcement system and manually intervenes if required.
  • Provides manual on-board announcements at regular intervals informing passengers of incidents that cause delays to streetcar movement.
  • Prepares daily trip reports and defect reports upon completion of duty.
  • Other duties as assigned.

2. The KC Streetcar is currently hiring for a Maintenance Technician

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Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Perform diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair of electronic propulsion systems
  • Perform diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair of electronic destination signage, PA systems, electronic displays and other electronic systems typically found on transit vehicles
  • Perform thorough preventative maintenance inspections in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines; make routine mechanical repairs and adjustments
  • Troubleshoot systems and locate causes of electrical, electronic and mechanical problems
  • Perform diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair of track, switch, TWC and TPSS
  • Use test equipment, typical shop tools, torque wrenches, multimeter, power supplies, oscilloscopes and portable test units
  • Check and inspect the condition of Streetcars; report and repair defects such as defective lights, body damage, interior damage, and operating defects
  • Maintain cleanliness and safety of shop area
  • Tag and document defective parts
  • Perform vehicle recovery duties including towing/pushing disabled vehicles; assist with re-railing of cars, as necessary, move cars around the yard and shop
  • Clean exterior of streetcars by hand washing and steam cleaning, using a variety of solvents, soaps, cleaning chemicals and tools
  • Check and replenish consumables such as wiper fluid and sand
  • Prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports
  • Other duties as assigned.

3. The KC Streetcar is currently hiring for an Inventory Clerk.

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receives and issues parts and material to include warranty, non-warranty, OEM, sub-supplier, and regular shop supplies
  • Prepare periodic inventory reports utilizing Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Herzog’s proprietary Management Information System
  • Conduct Cycle Count inventory processes to ensure accuracy and timely execution in accordance with any and all FTA guidelines and requirements as communicated by KC Streetcar Management.
  • Maintain and evaluate inventory records for project inventory with special attention to FTA records maintenance requirements.
  • Maintain adequate volume of parts, supplies and materials inventory to support vehicle and systems maintenance
  • Create and implement an efficient space utilization plan to ensure the proper storage and safe access of inventory parts in coordination with Mechanical and Safety Management.
  • Routinely report Critical Short inventory levels to maintain Mid-Max levels of critical inventory and to project timelines of orders placed based on supplier and manufacturer lead times.
  • Adherence and compliance to proper procedures for locating and utilizing product inventory
  • Check orders for accuracy and quality control; maintain levels of quality and accuracy enforced.
  • Assist Management with creating inventory standard operating procedures.
  • Maintain inventory control including parts, materials and supplies.
  • Procure parts, materials and supplies in strict compliance with Herzog, KCSA and the City of Kansas City’s policies and procedures for Purchasing, Requests for Quotes, and submitting Purchase Orders.
  • Tracks and reports to Management all open Purchase Orders, Requests for Quotes, and other outstanding Inventory requests.
  • Understand and adhere to the safety rules and requirements in the workplace including OSHA, FTA Requirements, and HERZOG Policies.
  • Receive and maintain warehouse training
  • Operate warehouse equipment, as needed
  • Assist with asset management activities
  • All other duties as assigned


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Previous Inventory Management experience
  • Previous Inventory Management software knowledge and reporting experience
  • Strong communication skills – written, verbal, persuasion, motivation, facilitation of strong working relationships
  • Excellent math and accounting skills
  • Familiarity with federal, state and local asset management policies and regulations
  • Ability to operate a forklift