How To Ride

The KC Streetcar is here and you are ready to ride. Here are some helpful tips to make your journey safe, fun and enjoyable for all.



Bicycle Safety

The streetcar tracks are in the ground whether the streetcar is traveling on them or not.  As a cyclist, it is important to stay alert when riding around the streetcar tracks. To safely cross the streetcar tracks, cyclists should cross at a 90-degree angle. This also applies to wheelchairs, scooters, skateboards and strollers. Always stop, look and listen before crossing the tracks and whenever possible, find alternate bike friendly streets and routes.

Safety While Testing

Streetcar safety starts NOW during the vehicle testing phase, prior to full operations.  Learn how to be safe as you see the streetcar going up and down Main Street while it’s being testing for safety.

Driver Safety

Now that the streetcar is here, there are new parking and driving rules along the streetcar route…up and down Main Street, from Union Station to the City Market, and around the River Market. Learn what it means to Respect the Rail when parking and driving downtown.


Pedestrian Safety

Obey traffic signals. Use crosswalks. Look & listen before crossing the street (and the tracks). Unplug & don’t text while crossing the tracks. Learn more about the pedestrian safety rules when walking (and living, working and playing) around the KC Streetcar.

Respect the Rail

Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Ready.  

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority give their highest concern to safety. The “Respect the Rail” campaign fervently and often reminds streetcar patrons, present and future, about the alertness that should be taken for the KC Streetcar. Our safety messages are not just for riders, but for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians:



Look Before You Cross

Streetcars are quiet vehicles, pedestrians are encouraged to LISTEN and LOOK before crossing the street using designated crosswalks.


Use Crosswalks When Crossing the Street

The streetcar travels at 20 mph meaning it takes 60 feet for it come to a complete stop. Never walk in front of a moving streetcar and only cross the streetcar tracks at the crosswalk when the WALK signal is on.


Don’t Get Stuck! Cross Your Bike at a 90 degree Angle

To safely cross the streetcar tracks, cyclists should cross at a 90-degree angle. This also applies to wheelchairs, scooters, skateboards and strollers.


Share the Road, Don’t Double Park

This applies to all vehicles, including delivery vehicles, to avoid parking on the streetcar track.

Don’t Get Stuck! Walk Over the Streetcar Tracks

To safely cross the streetcar tracks, pedestrians should step over the tracks to avoid getting stuck.

Stay Alert: Unplug Before You Cross

LOOK, LISTEN and UNPLUG from all electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) while crossing streetcar tracks.


Walk…Don’t Text When You Cross the Tracks

Don’t be a distracted walker. Stop to text or talk.

Stay Cool…Hot Wires Overhead

Don’t climb the poles or touch the wires around the streetcar tracks. The overhead cables that power the vehicles will be live and “hot”.

Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority has partnered with Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI) in the educational and promotional efforts of streetcar safety. OLI is a national non-profit organization aimed at educating the public about rail and transit safety. This partnership merges local and national expertise to build on lessons learned from streetcar systems across the systems. Learn more about OLI on their website,